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Semi truck slams into stalled school bus in Pennsylvania

Students from New Jersey on their way to an end-of-the-year class trip to a park in Pennsylvania had their trip cut short by a scary crash this week. Being high school students they of course managed to film the entire event on their phones and post it to social media.

The students were on their way from Wayne Valley High School in Wayne, NJ, to Dorney Park near Allentown, PA, WFMZ reported. The Wayne Township School Board told WFMZ that 37 students, a teacher and a guidance counselor were on board the bus when the crash occurred. What caused the bus to slow down while in the center lane of westbound I-78 is still unknown.

"Nothing like my senior class trip," Lauren chiaramonte wrote as she posted footage of the crash to Twitter on June 7. The video shows that the kids clearly knew what was coming. They screamed as the tractor-trailer barreled down on them. The video ended with the entire bus shaking and a loud bang. The FedEx semi was trying to pass the bus on the right, but the bus driver had just started changing lanes to try and get the disabled bus to the shoulder, reported.

After hitting the bus, the semi driver lost control of his vehicle and crossed all three lanes before hitting a tanker truck and coming to a stop. The wreck closed down west I-78 stretch of freeway for two hours. Five students, a school employee, and the bus driver were admitted to Saint Luke's Hospital for minor injuries. The rest of the class reached Dorney Park where they were checked out by the school nurse. Th cause of the crash is still under investigation.

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