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Figure-8 school bus racing is as insane as it sounds | Car Club USA

Car Club USA tags along with the Knights of Destruction as they do things nobody should ever do with a school bus

Car Club USA heads to the Auburndale Speedway to take in a night of destruction. The Tour of Destruction combines a destruction derby with outlandish motorsports challenges like boat trailer racing and an armor-plated gauntlet challenge. But tonight's main event is figure-8 school bus racing.

"There is an intersection in it with no stop signs and no green lights," said Knights of Destruction's Slim Jim Donaldson. "You gotta time it."

"Let's face it, you're going in that X doing 50 miles per hour. People could get killed," said Knights of Destruction organizer George "Moe" Knauer. "But, nobody's here to intentionally hurt somebody. We're here to have fun and to entertain."

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