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It's quicker than clay

It's quicker than clay.


BMW and Microsoft make it possible.

The ultimate multitasking machine.


President Akio Toyoda says he may have maintained the status quo too long.


Deal means six years of more virtual Porsches.

Racing with a virtual Porsche could hopefully help turn young fans into buyers.


The companies have been working together since 2011.

The patents are related to vehicle connectivity.


Microsoft partly has Sony to thank for Forza's success.


It's basically synergy and dynamism fused right inside your car. Way to think outside the box!

BMW is presenting its Connected North America digital mobility service at the Microsoft BUILD conference in San Francisco.


Forza Motorsport 6: Apex is a free, distilled version of FM6 that shows what the previously Xbox One-only title can do with a gaming PC behind it.


Future Cars Will Transcend The Device On Your Wrist

Right now, automakers are just beginning to grasp the potential of wearables to facilitate driver-vehicle interaction. The next step? Evolve beyond the wearable entirely.


Microsoft and Harman want to help drivers get their work done behind the wheel by safely bringing Office 365 to auto infotainment systems.


Volvo now has apps for iOS and Android covering a lot of these functions, but only the new On Call for Band 2 app allows for voice commands.


Volvo and Microsoft will work together on future tech like implementing augmented reality in the automotive world with Microsoft's HoloLens glasses. They think it could revolutionize the sales process.

It's been confirmed that Uber is using a camera-studded car to make maps, but it's not autonomous.

Move Is Part Of Redmond's New Strategy, Which Also Involves AOL And Ads

Microsoft is going to sell a small mapping unit, one that collected visual images of streets and buildings, to Uber.


The latest installment in the Forza Motorsport series is coming on September 15, and it'll arrive with night racing, dynamic weather, and at 1080p and 60 fps.


Xbox announced backwards compatibility for Xbox One. We're dusting off all of our favorite 360 driving games.