BMW is presenting its Connected North America digital mobility service at the Microsoft BUILD conference in San Francisco. The service is referred to as a cross-platform mobility concept, and it is said to be based on a digital infrastructure called the Open Mobility Cloud, itself based on the Microsoft Azure architecture.

In layman's terms, it automatically recognizes information related to planned movement and travel, such as destinations and arrival times, and combines this with traffic data. The user's smartphone receives notifications of suggested departure times based on current traffic, and this information can then be transferred to the vehicle's navigation system. Practically, it'll politely inform the driver when they should get going if they plan to make it to their destination in time. Another feature is that frequently visited places are automatically stored in the Open Mobility Cloud.

The BMW Connected North America for iOS can be used in BMW vehicles equipped with the optional ConnectedDrive Services add-on. BMW says more markets will follow during 2016.

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