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Japanese firm buys Caterham and pledges to keep the Seven alive

VT Holdings says it's the 'custodian of a motoring legend'

Caterham sets donut record, makes meditative video

Round and round it goes.

Caterham celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Seven sports car by cutting donuts.

Caterham wants another chance to break free from its Lotus 7 clone shackles

This would bring their range to a grand total of two models.

The new car would require cooperation with another automaker.

Caterham launches customization program with Harrods Seven 420S

It's expensive, but you get leather and green paint.

The Caterham Seven Sprint is a perfect retro-style British roadster

Just 60 will be built, and none of them are likely to make it Stateside.

Here to kick off the Lotus Seven's 60th Anniversary.

New Caterham Seven 310 accidentally finds happy medium

Caterham shows that you don't need insane power for brilliant driving.

Caterham shaves 10 percent from Seven weight with bike tech

The key is using bicycle frame technology.

Caterham is experimenting with a production method usually for bicycle frames and adapting it to make the Seven's chassis 10 percent lighter. It could be a major innovation to take pounds off any vehicle with a space frame platform.

LEGO just approved this Caterham Super Seven kit for production

You'll be able to build your own blocky kit car soon. We're stoked.

Caterham Seven makes sense with new 270, 360 and 420 models

Having trouble figuring out the difference between a Caterham Seven Roadsport 140 and Supersport R? Yeah, so were we, until Caterham made it nice and simple: now you can get a 160, 270, 360, 420 or 620.

First Drive
2015 Caterham Seven 620 R First Drive

A Standout Thrill In A Wholly Wonderful Model Range

We recently visited the Superformance warehouse to drive the Caterham Seven 360, 480, and 620 R models. It was an expletive-worthy, incredibly thrilling experience that we won't soon forget.

Caterham to introduce trio of new Sevens in 2015

Considering that Caterham essentially only makes one vehicle, its array of variations on the theme can be bewildering. But the latest word from the UK has it that the British sports car manufacturer is planning on streamlining things, and making its nomenclature more straightforward.

Caterham introducing two new Sevens at Monterey

We could hardly count all the variants of the iconic Seven which Caterham has produced over the past 40-plus years. Some of them make it to the North American market and some don't, but the British automaker has just announced two new variants heading straight for American shores.

Caterham bids farewell to the Superlight R500

There are many things you could say about the Caterham Seven. It's ugly as a demon from hell, first of all, and it's based on a design so old it makes the Porsche 911 and Jeep Wrangler look like new technology. But it's also fast. Damn fast.

Kobayashi designs special edition Caterham Seven for Japanese market

News recently broke that Caterham is soliciting new investment to carry on with its ambitions plans. However, that's not keeping the sports car builder from moving forward with new projects. Case in point is its latest creation: the limited edition Seven 250R Kamui Special Edition in honor of its F1 driver, Kamui Kobayashi.

Caterham 620R vs KTM 1290 Super Duke R in wet track frenzy

Auto Express wanted to put the Caterham Seven 620R in a hot-lap battle against a KTM X-Bow at Blyton Park. Unable to procure an X-Bow, they substituted another open-air KTM: the Super Duke R 1290, a streetfighter that the company nicknamed "The Beast." That set up a 310-horsepower, 1,100-pound four-wheeler up against a 180-horsepower, 416-pound two-wheeler... and English weather.

Caterham Seven 160 vs. Morgan Three-Wheeler, which is quicker 'round a track?

Morgan Three-Wheeler or Caterham? That is a decision we desperately wish w

Caterham Seven 160 redefines back-to-basics

It doesn't get much more basic than the Caterham Seven. The original Lotus design was – and remains – the ultimate embodiment of Colin Chapman's "add lightness" ethos. But even among Sevens, some are more basic than others. And this is the most basic of them all.

Caterham 620R is one hot firecracker

Caterham's fastest car used to be the R500 Superlight. The new fastest car from the UK-based company is the Seven 620R. Where the R500 uses a 263-horsepower, 2.0-liter, four-cylinder, the 620R straps a supercharger onto the For

New entry-level Caterham Seven to get turbo'd Suzuki 3-cylinder

Caterham is lowering the price and adding lightness to its newest entry-level Seven, with a sub-17,000-pound ($26,061) window sticker and a new engine from Suzuki, a 660cc turbocharged three-cylinder mill that will produce less horsepower than the current 125-hp entry level model (it was not mentioned if the Suzuki-powered Seven will replace any models). The new, lightweight engine complements a re

RON Automóviles shows off RXX and R7 sports cars for Mexico

Occasionally we learn about a new car manufacturer starting up in Mexico, but usually the country's most significant involvement in the auto industry is relegated to building vehicles and parts for other auto companies. RON Automóviles de México hopes to c

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