Caterham created a special edition Seven 420S themed around the British department store Harrods to introduce customers to the company's new Signature customization program. The car showcases the various ways buyers can personalize their new Sevens. Or, if a customer is particularly taken by the Harrods model, they can buy one for about $74,800 at current exchange rates. To put that in perspective, a base-level 420S in Britain costs less than half that – just $33,548.

So what do you get for the extra cash? Well, the Harrods Seven has a custom paint job featuring the same color green the company uses in its branding along with white racing stripes accented with gold-colored pinstripes. The chassis is also powder-coated with a gold finish. The interior gets light-tan leather, a gorgeous wood dashboard with classic toggle switches, cream-colored instruments, the Harrods logo embroidered in the seat backs and the Harrods "H" engraved in the shift knob and key. If you're not interested in the Harrods model, customers can take advantage of the Signature program to change many of the features mentioned above, such as choosing custom body and chassis colors, embroidery, upholstery, and dashboard materials. Even if you don't buy a Harrods Seven, you can at least take a look at it if you're in Britain. The car will be on display at the Harrods Knightsbridge store through October.

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