Sixty years, 60 seconds, donuts, circle of life ... Being around for decades is something to celebrate and contemplate, and so British automaker Caterham has added to its "60 Years of the Seven" celebration by using a Caterham Seven to claim a world record for number of donuts in 60 seconds. It's a little unclear if that's really a Guinness record or what, but no matter. Enjoy the strangely contemplative video above while you consider the passage of your own life — or at least while you wait to see whether that orange cone will ever get knocked over. Another video from ground level appears below.

With Olympic track cyclist and race driver Sir Chris Hoy at the wheel, this 310-horsepower Seven 620R, a car that Caterham calls "face-meltingly swift," goes round and round. The celebration of the Seven, which was designed as a kit car in 1957 by Lotus founder Colin Chapman, wraps up this year. But the car will go on. The circle is unbroken.

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