Caterham 620R vs KTM 1290 Super Duke R in wet track frenzy

Auto Express wanted to put the Caterham Seven 620R in a hot-lap battle against a KTM X-Bow at Blyton Park. Unable to procure an X-Bow, they substituted another open-air KTM: the Super Duke R 1290, a streetfighter that the company nicknamed "The Beast." That set up a 310-horsepower, 1,100-pound four-wheeler up against a 180-horsepower, 416-pound two-wheeler... and English weather.

Trying to get some parity with the two on a damp track, AE made the Caterham do a donut just after the start and inserted a couple of challenges for both vehicles during the race itself, just to make things interesting. Then a storm came just as the race started, and that got the whole thing soggy. You can see the wet, drifty, wheelie results in the video below.

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