Caterham Seven 160 vs. Morgan Three-Wheeler, which is quicker 'round a track?

Caterham 160Morgan Three-Wheeler or Caterham? That is a decision we desperately wish we had to wrestle with. Both are truly iconic vehicles, boasting a cult-like following. With the Morgan, it's unique layout and vintage look make it one of the single most interesting vehicles on the road, even if its V-twin engine doesn't deliver a ton of grunt.

With the Caterham, though, we have a known performance icon. In this 160 variant, though, there's only 80 horsepower at work, courtesy of a turbocharged, three-cylinder engine.

So, which would you choose? The seriously cool Morgan or the classically styled, entry level Caterham? Evo is here to help you figure that out. The Brit mag has taken the two cars to Mallory Park circuit in Leicester, UK, to see which is best.

Scroll down and a have a look, and then head into Comments and let us know which car you'd prefer.

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