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Bugatti won't make a hybrid, but an EV remains on the table

The company also ruled out a modern-day Galibier

Bugatti's next model could have 4 doors, electrified powertrain

It could come around 2024.

"The four-door car is not dead."

Bugatti Galibier could arrive after Chiron

Company considering "four strategic alternatives," but will only build one model at a time.

CEO Wolfgang Durheimer was cagey about a Chiron Roadster, but was more open about the possibilities for a long-awaited production version of the Galibier sedan.

Bugatti Galibier back on the table?

The Galibier may look like a four-door Bugatti to you, but to us, it's a yo-yo. That's because Bugatti has gone back and forth on the prospect of its production more times than we'd care to count, but now it's apparently back on the table. Again.

Bugatti favoring Veyron replacement over Galibier sedan

Following up on the Bugatti Veyron must be no easy feat. After all, how is anything supposed to go on stage after a groundbreaking supercar with sixteen cylinders, four turbochargers and as much as 1,200 horsepower?

New Bugatti 16C Galibier teaser video is over-the-top absurdity

Looks like Bugatti is finally getting a handle on this YouTube phenomenon. The French supercar firm has uploaded a trio of videos showing off its current and future cars; namely, the Veyron coupe and the 16C Galibier.

Bugatti Galibier redesign pushes launch date back to 2015

It's all anyone seemed to talk about at time time, but years later, does anyone really care how long it took for Bugatti to develop the Veyron and get it out on the market? Not really. But it looks like the elite automaker is about to embark down the same path with its next model.

Bugatti Galibier sedan put on hold because it's not outrageous enough

Bugatti builds truly outrageous automobiles that stretch our perceptions of performance and personal wealth. The Veyron currently serves as the automaker's only ambassador into the world of high-speed and exotic engineering. Bugatti executives are looking to add a second steed to the stable, and we believe the Galibier sedan would make a good fit.

Could Bugatti manage a two-car lineup?

For as long as anyone can remember, Bugatti has been a one-model marque. For the past seven years, that model has been the Veyron. Before that, it was the EB110. In the 1950s, it was the Type 101. In fact, you'd have to go back to the late 30s to find more than one line of vehicles coming out of Molsheim, when the Type 57, Type 46 and Type 55 all shared the same facility. But that could

Bugatti repaints Galibier sedan concept black, wants to put it into production

Top Gear magazine spent some getting-to-know-you time with the Bugatti Galibier at the Bugatti factory in Molsheim, and scribe Jason Barlow was all kinds of smitten. The Galibier he crawled all over was painted black, a "Bugatti insider" avowing that the two-tone hue previously on show was "a distraction."

Bugatti trademarks 16C Galibier shape, production decision coming soon?

Bugatti Galibier concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

Rendered Speculation: Top Gear cooks up a Bugatti Galibier LM

As much as it dominated pre-war grand prix racing, Bugatti's is a heritage forged at Le Mans. Both the original concept and the subsequent production car which Bugatti built under its current ownership were named after Louis Chiron and Pierre Veyron, two of the most famous drivers from the marque's racing history. But it's been 70 years since Bugatti raced at Le Mans. The company's previous Italian owners took a race-prepped EB110 to Daytona, but that was about the extent of Bugatti's racing pro

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