Looks like Bugatti is finally getting a handle on this YouTube phenomenon. The French supercar firm has uploaded a trio of videos showing off its current and future cars; namely, the Veyron coupe and the 16C Galibier.

What Bugatti has clearly not figured out, on the other hand, is the definition of a teaser. While the slowly drawn out shots showing the upcoming super sedan from just about every angle are pretty impressive, aren't teasers just supposed to whet the appetite? And if we're honest, the narrative that goes with it is a bit... disarming. Finally, while most teaser videos are done and over with in a minute or less, this one is more than four times that length.

Oh well... nobody ever accused Bugatti of being subtle.

You can see the new Galibier teaser video by scrolling down below, and if that's not enough, we've also included two new videos showcasing the Bugatti Veyron and its most impressive bits and pieces.

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