Bugatti substantially reworking Galibier before seeking final approval

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The Galibier is dead. Long live the Galibier.

Plans are reportedly moving ahead at Bugatti headquarters in Mulsheim, France, to succeed the Veyron with a version of the Galibier concept super-sedan unveiled back in 2009. But before the company's CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer makes the final pitch by the end of the year to the board of the Volkswagen Group for final approval, some significant changes are being made.

For one, the car is being made longer. The whole rear end is being thoroughly redone. And the engine, originally proposed as a detuned version of the Veyron's 1000+horsepower W-16 with twin superchargers in place of the quad turbos, will now be reboosted up past the four-digit mark.

The changes reportedly come out of feedback from current Veyron owners, half of whom have reportedly seen and sat in the Galibier concept car already. As a result, Dürheimer has been quoted as saying that the project has now entered the "second half of the design phase", but that the finished product will still bear more than a passing resemblance to the show car pictured above.

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