Bugatti has been playing "Will they, won't they?" with the Galibier sedan for years, and the endless speculation has grown tiresome. Just build the damn thing. Believe it or not, the ultra-high-power, ultra-luxury sedan is kind of a white space. The world needs a vehicle as sumptuous as a Rolls-Royce Phantom, but with the driving dynamics and performance of, well, a Bugatti.

Now, according to CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer, his company might actually go through with such a creation. The Chiron will remain an only child for the time being, Dürheimer says, but Bugatti is already looking at potential paths for life after its current 1500-horsepower monster.

"We are following a sequential pattern. We don't want to make two model lines, but we are deciding on the product that would succeed the Chiron," Dürheimer told Car and Driver. "We are weighing four strategic alternatives, all of them sensational. One of them is the Galibier."

Galibier would be great news. But what else could Bugatti be considering? Perhaps something more track focused than the high-speed heavyweight Chiron? A crossover (we shudder)? A high-speed hybrid to humiliate the likes of the Ferrari LaFerrari and McLaren P1, perhaps using a more powerful version of baby brother Porsche's 918 Spyder tech? It's all hard to predict, although whichever path Bugatti takes, we doubt it'll be anything but spectacular.

As for the Chiron, if it follows the Veyron's path, we can expect a convertible version in the near future. C/D asked Dürheimer about it, particularly about whether it'd get a set of T-tops in order to retain the trademark Atlantic line on the roof. The CEO didn't say much, beyond telling C/D its question was "very perceptive." We expect this kind of cagey response, but the fact that Dürheimer even acknowledged it is a good sign for the few dozen people wealthy enough to want a topless Bugatti.

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