Bugatti Galibier sedan put on hold because it's not outrageous enough

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Bugatti builds truly outrageous automobiles that stretch our perceptions of performance and personal wealth. The Veyron currently serves as the automaker's only ambassador into the world of high-speed and exotic engineering. Bugatti executives are looking to add a second steed to the stable, and we believe the Galibier sedan would make a good fit. It seems, however, that Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Durheimer doesn't think it's ready. Why not? It's not wild enough.

The 800-horsepower four-door concept car needs more power, rear space and an extra dose of luxurious comfort. Durheimer believes the Galibier should be the car that serves as an "argument stopper," meaning there is no further discussion with regards to its position as best car on the planet.

Bugatti executives will make a decision on the fate of the Galibier later this year. Though we may never be able to afford one, we hope that Durheimer gives it the green light. There's not enough cars in the world that run on pure insanity, and the Galibier would certainly help liven up that segment.

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