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McLaren Elva gets another retro paint scheme from McLaren Special Operations

This Elva honors the car that started McLaren's orange obsession

F1 cancels season-opening Australian Grand Prix over coronavirus

Decision comes after Hamilton's criticism and two hours before first practice

As thousands of fans queued to get into the Australian Grand Prix, seemingly unperturbed by the coronavirus pandemic, the Formula One teams and drivers were packing up to leave. The rapid spread of the virus left organizers with little choice Friday but to cancel the season-opening race, particularly after McLaren withdrew because a team member tested positive for the COVID-19 illless and following heavy criticism from six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton. Principals of nine F1 teams and org

McLaren withdraws from Australian Grand Prix after positive test for coronavirus

Haas team has it, too — but organizers plan to go ahead with the race

The positive test at McLaren follows four crew members of fellow Formula One team Haas being quarantined due to the outbreak. "The team member was tested and self-isolated as soon as they started to show symptoms and will now be treated by local healthcare authorities," McLaren said in a statement https://twitter.com/McLarenF1/status/1238062852306583552. Both Haas and McLaren are Britain-based teams.

U.S. issues new tariff threat, this time against British-built cars

$11 billion in Jaguars, Land Rovers, Minis, Civic Hatchbacks, etc.

Britain is the United States' closest ally but their long friendship may be sorely tested as the two countries try to forge a new trade agreement after Britain's exit from the European Union. U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Saturday in London that he was optimistic that a bilateral deal with Britain could be reached as soon as this year.

Top Gear magazine climbs all over the McLaren Elva

Active Air Management System puts function over form

McLaren Senna Can-Am and XP special editions honor two racing icons

And road-legal Senna GTR called Senna LM is a Bruce McLaren homage

The McLaren 620R is revealed as a road-legal 570S GT4 race car

It's the most powerful Sports Series McLaren ever

Track Test
McLaren Senna GTR Review | Driving the track-ready, race-banned hypercar

McLaren pushes its hypercar portfolio to the limits with the GTR

The McLaren Senna GTR shouldn't exist. The P1, introduced in 2012, was McLaren Automotive's opening act on the hypercar stage and was an instant success for both the brand and its business. McLaren followed it up with the P1 GTR, then went on to chart a course toward the Ultimate Series of today and beyond.

McLaren looks to Asia and hybrid cars as next steps toward IPO

No SUV and no EV, chief executive reiterates in Detroit visit

British exotic sports car maker McLaren Automotive will bank on expanded sales in Asia and a new generation of hybrid cars as it steers toward a potential public offering, the company's chief executive said on Tuesday. "We need to put more cars into Asia," McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt said in a meeting with reporters in Detroit. Sales of McLaren's carbon fibre and aluminium sports cars, which start at about $200,000 in the United States, have fallen in the United Kingdom, its largest market.

Rogue semi tire totals MLB All-Star's McLaren

Trevor Bauer's 650S was in for service. It got way more than that.

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