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McLaren totaled on the day after purchase; Corvette after 15 miles

Also, someone wrecked a 2019 Chevy Corvette Grand Sport after 15 miles.


Also opts for 'augmentation' assistance instead of autonomous driving

Also opts for 'augmentation' assistance to help the driver instead of autonomous driving.


Buy one and get a day at the track with expert driving instruction

Buy one and get a day at the track with expert driving instruction.


It has more power and less weight than the 570S

It has more power and less weight than the 570S.

First Drive

McLaren's Senna doesn't just have the moves, it has the swagger

McLaren's Senna doesn't just have the moves, it has the swagger.

Spy Shots

This is the car McLaren has been teasing

This is the car McLaren has been teasing.


We suspect it’s a track version of the 570S

We suspect it's a track version of the 570 line.


FIA wants road-like cars with LMP1 performance leading the field in 2020

FIA wants road-like cars with LMP1 performance leading the field in 2020.


It sounds mean in the teaser trailer

It sounds mean in the teaser trailer.


It's inspired by the 1997 McLaren F1 GTR

It's inspired by the 1997 McLaren F1 GTR


We talk trucks and a purple supercar

We talk trucks and a purple supercar.

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Configuring a car online is so pedestrian

No supercar better demonstrates this trend than the McLaren Senna. And, it just so happens, McLaren invited Autoblog to Beverly hills to roleplay as one of the 15 LA-area residents who bought Sennas. I'd be assisted in the act by two MSO Bespoke Liaison Managers – Katie Newell and Emily Monk – who were on an international jaunt shepherding actual buyers through the process.


Here there be dragons

McLaren must be doing good business with its McLaren Special Operations (MSO) special edition supercars because it has just released another, and like with the Canada Commission, this one takes its inspiration from a specific country, namely China. It's called the 2018 McLaren 570GT Cabbeen Collection, and was developed in conjunction with a Chinese fashion designer simply referred to as Mr. Cabbeen. We suspect that it received the name "collection" because of the connection to fashion, despite


Naturally, they're red and white with maple leaves

McLaren's MSO custom division seems to stay quite busy. Every few months they seem to have a new special configuration to offer buyers. Sometimes they're a bit silly or unimpressive, but other times they create something really unique and cool. This McLaren 570S Spider falls into the latter category. It's called the Canada Commission, and the company will build just five of them exclusively for our northern neighbors.


McLaren has expectations that batteries aren't ready to fulfill

It emerged last December that McLaren had built an all-electric testbed for a future EV supercar, to go along with the English automaker's $1.4 billion investment in electrified powertrains. At the time, all the company would say was there was "still quite a journey" to making a sellable product due to battery constraints. Speaking to Wheels magazine, Jens Ludmann, COO at McLaren Automotive, put numbers to the carmaker's quest, saying, "[The] Senna has 800 PS on 1200kg, that's about the power to


It might be cheaper to hit the gym to shave a few pounds

The McLaren 570S Spider is one of the most versatile sports cars around. It's fast, comfortable and practical, but it's slightly less capable from the factory than its fixed-roof brethren. McLaren is changing that with a new lightweight track pack. It's similar to the one on the 570S Coupe and shaves nearly 73 pounds from the car. That said, at more than $24,000, it's not exactly the cheapest way to go on a diet.


Some of them are more believable than others

April 1 is the wonderful day when PR departments really push themselves to top the zany jokes they came up with the previous year. And it's not just fast-food chains competing with each other, or breweries announcing they have released stuff like a fermented herring flavored beer: carmakers' media teams rarely miss out on the opportunity to play a little joke on their audience. Here are a few of our favorites from this year.


Gandys puts logo on driver protective device, will make Halo footwear

If you can't hide it, embrace it. When the Halo safety device was mandated for Formula One cars this year, many were quick to draw parallels with the structure's eccentric looks and a flip-flop shoe. Now it seems McLaren is in on the joke, as it has joined forces with a flip-flop manufacturer.


It could be the real name for the BP23, but we have another theory

Last year McLaren Automotive Limited applied to trademark the name "McLaren GT" in the U.S. and the UK. Last week the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted the request. It's tempting to wonder if we're looking at the name of the new McLaren monster car, the three-seat road-going Ultimate Series offering so far known as BP23. McLaren has, after all, called the coupe a "Hyper-GT" in an official press release.


It'll be faster than the 243-mph McLaren F1

Will it top 250 mph?

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