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This "Rambo Lambo" underwent a $325,000, five-year restoration.

This "Rambo Lambo" underwent a $325,000, five-year restoration.


Join the Autoblog staff in wasting an hour configuring Lambo's SUV

Lamborghini launched the configurator site for the 2019 Urus crossover SUV. We at Autoblog each configured one to our preferred specifications.


Mid-1970s Cheetah looked like a Meyers Manx buggy on steroids that ate Jeep CJ-7s for breakfast.

Lamborghini unveiled a prototype named LM001 at the 1981 Geneva Auto Show that took the Cheetah concept a step further with an updated look.


Pushing supercar styling and performance into the world of crossovers.

In typical Lamborghini fashion, the Urus is completely unapologetic.


It's an SUV of extreme numbers

The interesting details of the world's fastest SUV.


It's Rambo Lambo Part Deux.

You certainly won't mistake it for anything else on the road.


It's not wild enough to be a Lambo

A Lamborghini needs an exhaust as loud as the exterior.


Blink and you'll miss it.

Lamborghini fixed it on its YouTube page, but it's available elsewhere.


The instrument cluster is from the Aventador S.

Is this a worthy successor to the LM002?


It's painted in Monocerus white with Tiberio yellow stripes.

The new Popemobile, it's not. But after being blessed and autographed, it'll be auctioned for charity.


Leading the way last week was the 2018 Jeep Wrangler.

They may not have much in common ... they do all have wheels and can get you from one place to another in style.


This is Lamborghini's vision of the future.

This may be the Aventador replacement.

Spy Shots

The follow-up to the Rambo Lambo.

Look for the full debut on December 4.

Second Drive

Lighter, more powerful version of the Huracán is the best-performing Lambo of all time.

The 2018 Lamborghini Huracán Performante is 88 pounds lighter than the standard Huracán Coupe, and the suspension is stiffened by 10 percent.


How one classic element has stayed fresh for 43 years, and other tidbits from Sant'Agata.