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A lack of crossovers has hurt Cadillac sales

Big news today from GM's luxury brand. Cadillac ousted Johan de Nysschen after four years at the helm. It's unclear exactly what let to his departure, but slumping sales and a lack of crossovers surely influenced GM's decision. Cadillac currently has one crossover and one SUV on sale. The Cadillac XT5 will soon be joined by the smaller XT4. New spy shots show that the new three-row Cadillac XT6 will soon join the lineup.


The slow rollout of crossovers from Caddy may be to blame

Johan de Nysschen, a longtime automotive industry executive, is out the door at Cadillac after four years at the helm of GM's flagship luxury brand. Steve Carlisle will replace de Nysschen as General Motors senior vice president and president, Cadillac. Carlisle previously served as president and managing director of GM Canada.


War of the luxury behemoth SUVs

Cadillac is once again defending its full-size luxury Escalade SUV from assault by the hot-selling Lincoln Navigator, offering $10,000 discounts to some current customers to keep them from switching brands.


Democratization of tech: Same – or better – amenities as luxury cars

One of the great things about technology is – with the exception of Apple products – consumers get more for their money every year. For example, the first 1GB USB drive I bought in 2005 cost me $30. Today you can get 10 for that price, delivered to your door thanks to Amazon. The same goes for car tech.


It plans to report quarterly, as other retail sectors do

General Motors said on Tuesday it will stop reporting monthly U.S. vehicle sales, saying the 30-day snapshot does not accurately reflect the market, and will instead issue quarterly sales.


Cadillac boss shoots down rumors Corvette will borrow exclusive powerplant.

Cadillac president Johan de Nysschen bluntly shot down rumors his brand's powerful twin-turbo V8 is also headed for the Chevy Corvette. Speaking Wednesday at the New York Auto Show, he said: "Just quit the speculation it's headed for Corvette. It's not."

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Sharp compact crossover has weight of brand’s expectations to carry

Cadillac spent years and years improving its mainline sedans, the CTS and ATS, turning them into awfully good impressions of BMWs from a few years before. The thing is, great sedans aren't selling, and crossovers sure are. Cadillac's XT5 is the only crossover in the lineup, something that's had American Cadillac dealers gnashing their teeth and wailing — although anyone they can upsell into an Escalade can staunch the bleeding. That brings us to the new XT4, which is smaller than the XT5 b


Today's look back at last week's biggest automotive stories focuses first on the Jeep Wagoneer, an unequivocal American classic. Not only did it play a pivotal role in kicking off America's current sport utility vehicle craze, it legitimized the Jeep brand in the mind of consumers looking not just for something to ably take them off the beaten path, but to do so in comfort, with the entire family along for the ride. So it comes as little surprise that Jeep decided to take one vintage Wagoneer, m


627 pound-feet of torque is Bentley-esque

With the refresh of the Cadillac CT6 for 2019, Cadillac welcomes the first CT6 V-Sport as well as a new trim strategy. The changes at the front for the CT6 lineup don't appear substantial viewed head-on, one needs a side view to appreciate the greater three-dimensionality. Thinner headlights and a thinner bumper above a slightly larger lower front intake emphasize the mesh grille, and the vertical LED DRLs make more dramatic statements thanks to those narrower headlights. By angling the main uni


Brand has more challenges than millennials' disinterest in driving

Last week, Motor Trend ran coverage on a journo roundtable with Cadillac president Johan de Nysschen. During the roundtable, de Nysschen cited a few reasons for the decline in sedan sales, including gas prices, "young consumers" — read, millennials — less interested in driving dynamics than lifestyle accessories, and the state of U.S. infrastructure. Jalopnik homed in on the last two reasons, and those became the story, including here in our post on the roundtable. So de Nysschen cal


It'll become the brand's new flagship above the CT6

Cadillac is reportedly planning a new flagship four-door, and it won't be based on its alphanumeric naming system a la the CT6. It'll be the Escala, the stunning concept fastback it revealed in 2016 in Pebble Beach.

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And he has some off-beat theories on why people aren't buying sedans

Cadillac president Johan de Nysschen chatted with journalists at a recent roundtable, expounding on everything from domestic racing to Chinese manufacturing. The brand's been doing a slow burn on rolling out new products and increasing sales, but admittedly, there was a lot of work to do. After closing out last year 0.8 percent down in the U.S., the domestic luxury brand is more than 5 percent up so far this year, thanks to healthy double-digit bumps for the ATS and Escalade, and increased fleet

Outdated safety standards, lack of NHTSA leadership keep us in the dark


It will make its debut at the New York Auto Show

Cadillac is getting the crossovers it needs.


A crossover leads the charge, but let's not forget about a particular Scandinavian wagon.


And here's a surprise: There's a Toyota on the list

New cars lose a ton of value when you drive them off the lot. That's bad news for owners, but it means great deals on one-year-old models like these.