Acura product roadmap leak points to 'compact Type S' and MDX Type S

Might this be a hint that the Integra nameplate is returning?

The Type S moniker is back along with the 2021 Acura TLX Type S sedan. And today, the internet has sprouted some more Acura Type S news. We caught wind of a forum post on Acurazine through a thread on Reddit that includes a link to a video allegedly shown during Acura’s 2020 dealer meeting webcast. That video doesn’t appear to be live anymore, but an enterprising individual happened to screenshot the most important slide from the video: Acura’s product roadmap to 2022. Here’s the link you’re looking for.

Take this information with a grain of salt. There’s a good chance that this intel is correct, but plans change. Most imminent is a redesigned Acura MDX with a Type S variant. We expect an MDX Type S to follow the same formula as the TLX Type S. Acura’s new 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 would be a fine candidate for this duty. With that powerplant (horsepower unknown, but likely around 400 ponies), it could punch up against SUVs like the Mercedes-AMG GLE 53, or punch down to the Ford Explorer ST. tuned suspension, plenty of appearance add-ons and sportier interior would also likely be along for the ride. It’s placed directly after the TLX on the chart timewise, so there’s a good chance that we see a new MDX soon.

Next up is the one that we’re especially excited about. A new Type S “compact sedan” is on the way. Acura neglected to give this one a name, which is odd, unless there’s a big secret it wants to keep. Right now, Acura’s small sedan is called the ILX. In past (and better) years, Acura named its small cars Integra and RSX. Might we see the return of the Integra name? Or perhaps RSX? There’s precedent for an RSX Type S, and this small Acura appears to be getting the Type S treatment. 

So, what might a small Acura Type S look like? The car could borrow hardware from the Civic Si, or it could borrow from the Civic Type R. A more luxurious Civic Type R with Acura’s delightful and sharp styling would be splendid. It’d be dialed back to fit the Type S name, but nearly anything would be better than the ILX wallowing at the bottom of Acura’s lineup today. We’re left to guess at the details for now, but the roadmap shows that car arriving by 2022.

There are two other small nuggets of info we’ll point out on this roadmap. Acura doesn’t list an RDX Type S anywhere on it. That could be because the RDX was recently redesigned, so it’s not one of the completely new vehicles listed in the step ladder of new product. But an RDX Type S does feel like a no-brainer at this point. The RDX is Acura’s best-driving crossover, and since the larger MDX appears to be getting the Type S treatment, it would only make sense to apply it to the inherently sportier RDX, too.

Finally, we come to the NSX. Some doubters may have pegged the NSX for an early retirement with its relatively poor sales, but it’s still listed among Acura’s other models for 2022. We like the NSX, and we’re happy to see this positive shred of evidence for its continued life as Acura’s halo car.

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