Stare at a smartphone (not at the Super Bowl) and win a Volvo

Contest will award three winners an S60 through Care by Volvo

Volvo is taking a different approach to its advertising for the Super Bowl this year. In fact, the Swedes want people to ignore the game, the ads, and the television altogether. During the same time as The Big Game, Volvo will be hosting a "mobile test drive" game that can be viewed on mobile devices. The three people who stare at it the longest without looking away could win a new S60 sedan through the Care by Volvo subscription service.

Volvo's game is reminiscent of the old contests where people had to keep their hands on the car to win it. The idea is the same: Do one specific thing longer than anybody else, and win the car. Volvo has put a modern spin on it by incorporating a smartphone game that can be played anywhere. It can also be played numerous times throughout the duration of the NFL's final faceoff of the season. In other words, if your eye wanders, you can start over again.

The game uses facial recognition technology to lock onto a person's face and detect when the person's eyes are no longer directed at the screen. It is framed as a virtual test drive of the S60 in which the player simply has to continuously look at the car while it digitally putzes around. Look up to see a bomb from Brady to Gronk? Lose. Look up to see the cute baby Budweiser Clydesdale? Lose. Look up to see the Audi E-Tron GT cameo in the new Avengers trailer? Disqualified forever (kidding, sorta).

By offering the car through its subscription service, Volvo is technically not giving the cars away, but rather loaning them. Care by Volvo terms last for 24 months and are usually offered at a flat rate that includes maintenance and even insurance.

Although the concept is kind of fun and is certainly more interactive, it's an obvious ploy to save money over the outrageous prices of a Super Bowl commericial. Smartly, it also attempts to prevent anybody from seeing other manufacturers' commercials.

Those who are interested can visit to play.

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