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We also discuss a big Ram 2500 and find a way to spend your money.

Mazda has some cool stuff coming.

The others are close, but the 3500 is the new champ.

So says a magnet, which detected some aluminum anomalies.

So says a magnet.

This sits in the middle of the Ram pickup lineup.

Ever feel like FCA puts a Hemi in just about everything? Well... it does. And we're glad.

We present every V8-powered Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and Ram you can get, and rank them from the least to the most powerful.

These were the most stolen cars in the US in 2016.

Special editions of special editions of special editions ...

Now with real wood!

And a suede headliner to match.

Marchionne says FCA did not intentionally "set up a defeat device that was even remotely similar to what (Volkswagen) had in their cars."

The report will add to a growing chorus of voices alleging cheating.

Fix per vehicle could cost as little as $100.

US-listed Fiat Chrysler shares were down 2.9 percent at $10.44.

Cars were strewn about like toys.

One analyst estimates that Jeep is worth $22 billion as a standalone brand.

Expect AEV's always excellent build quality, and the high cost that comes with it.

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