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Plus: Details on the next two Polestar models coming soon.

Don't call it a Volvo.

Polestar plans to reveal the Polestar 1 at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show.

Production of the Volvo 240 would continue for another 12 years.

This two-door in a Denver wrecking yard is a rare Junkyard Gem indeed.

It seems to resemble the Volvo Concept Coupe from 2013

Be it a pure EV or a hybrid of some kind, it should be a knockout.

Taking a look at which automakers are creating jobs and how many

Who's hiring and how many jobs have been announced.

We know the program's price in the U.K. — here's how and why it may differ in the U.S.

How and why it might be quite a bit different in the United States.

Scandinavia’s smallest SUV looks formidable.

Breaking down Volvo's first attempt at a small SUV.

AWD version starts at $35,200 — but Care by Volvo flat fee might be the real value breakthrough

This will be Volvo's entry-level model.

South Carolina plant will add another 2,500 workers to the 2,000 already being recruited

South Carolina plant will add another 2,500 workers to the 2,000 already being recruited.

A mishap or an intentional leak?

The official reveal is still a week away.

Drivers can use an app to schedule someone to come wash their vehicle.

They are still showing up as new sales, even one model discontinued in 2014

Even after cars are discontinued, new unsold ones still show up in sales. We look at the worst-selling cars that are already dead.

One of the rarest of all Junkyard Gems.

Four doors, four-speed manual transmission with overdrive unit, and a turbocharged oil-burning engine driving the rear wheels. This 1983 Volvo 760GLE Turbodiesel sedan in California is now done, after 34 years.

Expect special promotions like this with other automakers in the future

Expect deals like this with other automakers in the future, Costco says

It was developed with Cyan Racing, Polestar's WTCC partner.

It's all shown via a desk.

We're looking forward to seeing the actual interior.

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