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Credit checks and trade-in values can be done online.

Most of the hard work can be done before visiting a dealer.

Grab your VR goggles.

Grab your VR goggles.

In an Autoblog exclusive, the head Hoonigan describes his adventure in an all-wheel-drive 1965 Ford Mustang.

An exclusive look behind the scenes with Climbkhana.

Sometimes you wanna go, where everybody knows your car.

We always thought exhaust notes were music to the ears.

Watch pilots race drones through the back of three XJLs.

That's one way to prove your car's roomy.

Big productions, all controlled by the car companies.

This gives the automakers control of the timing and location, helping increase the audience.

It's part of an upheaval throughout the industry.

It's part of an upheaval throughout the industry.

But Tesla has to go through 'manufacturing hell' to make the cars first

Well, that's an incentive, all right.

A plastic that includes wood-pulp nanofibers can weigh one-fifth of steel and be five times stronger.

The "Passenger Economy" is expected to become a $7 trillion industry.

The "Passenger Economy" created by the advent of autonomous vehicles is predicted to swell from $800 billion in 2035 to a whopping to $7 trillion by 2050.

These three will air at the Model 3 event tonight.

Cadillac has a choice here between a tactical move, or a strategic one.

It will be adding 100 new service centers.

The Blue Oval grabs the spotlight on Woodward.

Six-figure eye candy and fashion brand deals. It's all about the marketing.

Seven vintage car posters were auctioned by Poster Auctions International on eBay, including ads for the Monaco Grand Prix, Michelin, and Texaco.

Lots of aero, barely street-legal tires, and high-tech suspension do wonders.

The hotly anticipated game nears its fall release.

Development is in the final stages.

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