Recharge Wrap-up: Phoenix Cars delivers ZEUS to Navy, Volt saves gas compared to i-MiEV

ChargePoint Calculates Environmental Impact Of Its Users

Phoenix Cars has delivered its first Zero Emissions Utility Shuttle (ZEUS) flatbed truck to the US Navy. The electric flatbed will be used to transport maintenance materials around Naval Base Ventura County Port Hueneme. The Phoenix ZEUS features a 100-mile range, and can charge in just three hours. It also features vehicle-to-grid technology and direct power capability, allowing it to function as a mobile power station. ZEUS customers enjoy an eight-year/300,000-mile battery warranty and round-the-clock technical support from Phoenix. Phoenix launched an electric passenger shuttle last year, and years ago worked on an electric sport utility truck before shifting over to larger vehicles. Read more in the press release from Phoenix Cars.

A man found that he used less gas by trading in his Mitsubishi i-MiEV for a Chevrolet Volt. Ben Rich saved fuel in part by using his Volt for road trips rather than needing to rent cars. Rich also found other benefits to driving a Volt, including more comfort, more freedom of movement and less range anxiety. Rich often had to turn off the heat in the winter to eke out precious miles in the Mitsubishi, which he needn't do in the Chevy, though he did have a gripe about the Volt using the gas motor to warm the car. Read more at Green Car Reports.

EV drivers using the ChargePoint network have traveled over 196 million miles without gasoline. ChargePoint has tallied over 9 million charging sessions for a total of 65 gigawatt hours of energy. Based on national efficiency averages of three miles per kWh and 23.9 miles per gallon, this has saved 8.2 million gallons of gasoline and 60 million pounds of CO2. This accounts for what ChargePoint calls a "huge environmental impact." Read more in the release from ChargePoint below.
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The Environmental Impact of ChargePoint Drivers

Campbell, Calif.– We all know electric vehicles (EV) have enormous environmental advantages over gas vehicles. Plug-in EVs reduce carbon-based greenhouse gases, improve air quality and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. EV drivers on the ChargePoint network have had a huge environmental impact. With over 9 million charging sessions delivering 65 gigawatt hours of energy, EV drivers have avoided over 60 million pounds of CO2 and 8.2 million gallons of gasoline, and driven over 196 million gas-free miles.

*Based on national averages: EV efficiency of 3 miles per kWh, gas efficiency of 23.9 mpg and a net savings of 0.924 pounds of CO2 per kWh.

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