We got a little more information from Phoenix Motorcars today about the introduction of the company's "newly configured Sports Utility Truck" this week. As we mentioned this morning, the SUT has been a long time coming and Bryon Bliss, Phoenix Motorcars' VP of sales and marketing, said that:
While many would criticize us for returning again from the "ashes", we are truly here to stay. It's been a long road for us but one well worth waiting for.
Bliss also answered a few of our questions about the company and the car. Here's the transcript:
ABG: What exactly happened during Phoenix's bankruptcy? Is that all behind the company now? Is/was any of this accurate?

Bliss: Al Yousuf LLC, one of our primary investors, purchased the assets of the company out of bankruptcy. We continue to operate under the trade name Phoenix Motorcars with a mission to complete the Phoenix SUT and have begun some other interesting projects in the alternative fuel industry. This road bump is behind us and we are back on track and picking up speed toward vehicle deliveries.

ABG: What prompted the change from 100-mile to 70-mile range on the SUT? What, exactly, are the differences in the truck now vs. before?

Bliss: To meet customer needs we are now offering multiple battery pack solutions. Unlike our historic strategy of being sole sourced for our battery solution, which didn't work out so well for us, Phoenix has become battery agnostic and capable of integrating the best advances to power our Phoenix SUT.

ABG: What happened to the SUV? Is that still in the works?

Bliss: We are focusing primarily on the commercial Phoenix SUT product. The SUV was always more of a consumer product. As we are delaying a consumer launch we are choosing to direct focus on the available product, the Phoenix SUT.

ABG: How closely is Phoenix's future determined by what happens with SsangYong? Is the powertrain convertible enough to put into another body if need be? How difficult would that be, and how would it affect performance?

Bliss: We are very aware of what is happening with Ssangyong. The short answer is that it does not affect our near term product plans and we keep in close communications with what is happening.

[Source: Phoenix Motorcars]

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