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EVs vs Hybrids vs Plug-in Hybrids: What's the difference?

All are 'electrified' but they're very different. We explain how.

Cheapest electric cars in 2024

These are the cheapest EVs to buy in 2024 under $50,000

How much EV range do you really need?

EV range anxiety can be put to ease with a simple calculation

Everything EV owners need to know about cold weather issues, and tips to maximize driving range

Worried about electric vehicle winter driving range and battery charging times? Try these tips

Yes, EVs had trouble charging in Chicago cold. No, it wasn't entirely their fault

It wasn't just Teslas, and several factors contributed to a perfect winter storm

Longest-range electric vehicles of 2024

Ranking the 26 longest-range EVs — each rates at least 300 miles per charge

Porsche Macan EV does 298 miles on a charge at an average over 60 mph

Top trim with more than 600 hp still had 7 miles left in the 'tank'

These are the best electric cars for high-mileage U.S. drivers

Range is fine, but charging speed can't be overlooked: These rankings consider both

BMW iX drives 608.1 WLTP miles with prototype battery from Our Next Energy

Dual-chemistry pack extends production iX range by 206 WLTP miles

Mobile EV chargers aim to fill public charging gaps

They could help in remote areas as well as for apartment complexes.

Entry-level Fisker Ocean Sport rated at 288 miles of WLTP range

Beats early estimate and entry-level competitors, at a lower price

Junkyard Gem: 2008 Nissan Altima Hybrid Sedan

An ultra-rare junkyard example of the long-forgotten Altima Hybrid

EV charging company ChargePoint plunges as sales sag, executives replaced

Quarterly revenue drops from a year ago, misses guidance

Road Test
You thinking charging an EV is bad? Try filling a hydrogen-powered car!

Living with a Toyota Mirai for a week could've gone better

Junkyard Gem: 2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid

A rare example of the slow-selling Jetta Hybrid, found in California

Volvo's SuperTruck 2 looks ready to extend a ramp for K.I.T.T.

Manufacturers partner with Department of Energy to design more efficient ICE trucks

Mopar bringing an electric blue surprise to SEMA

Teased with Charger cues, could be a crate e-motor for the aftermarket

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