Autoblog discusses efficiency, hypermiling, fuel-saving techniques and other ways to lower emissions and improve fuel economy.
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We talk to Nissan's EV boss, Nicholas Thomas, at the global HQ

We talk to Nissan's EV boss, Nicholas Thomas, at the global HQ.


Targeting 5 million rides in electric vehicles over the next 12 months

Targeting 5 million rides in electric vehicles over the next 12 months.


Autopilot Buddy overrides built-in safety features

Autopilot Buddy overrides built-in safety features.


ProPilot Assist helps when you're not used to driving on the left

ProPilot Assist helps when you're not used to driving on the left.

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PHEV Panamera is an expert at pretty much everything

The PHEV Panamera is an expert at pretty much everything.


Introduction: Join us as we explore transportation's past, present, future

Join us for a journey to Japan, Autoblog style.


Three-wheel drive and a suitcase battery: Here are specs and price

Estonian electric car has throwback looks and EV mechanicals.

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Porsche's moneymaker only gets better

By now, most Porschephiles accept the existence of the rolling cash cow that is the Porsche Cayenne. Count us among them: Crossovers and SUVs sell, and building cars is a business. The success of the Cayenne, Macan and Panamera has allowed Porsche to continue to build cars like the 911 GT3 RS, Cayman GT4 and the 918 Spyder. But it's not just enough to play dress-up with a Porsche badge. A Porsche needs to feel special, too.

‘We are flattening the management structure’

Tesla is facing a sudden loss of key leadership at a critical moment when new vehicles, like the Model 3 sedan and upcoming Model Y SUV, are desperately needed to help boost the electric automaker's bottom line. According to a report in Automotive News, Doug Field, Tesla's chief engineer, is taking a six-week break from the company to "recharge" and spend time with his family. While Field has technically not left Tesla — a point reinforced in this Bloomberg news update — the timing o

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A spirited drive reaffirms our love for this little hybrid

This week, we had a 2018 Prius C Four in our test fleet. It had been a while since I'd driven the C, but remember liking it more than the standard Prius — at least that was true a generation ago. Since then I've driven updated Priuses and Prius Primes. So when the C arrived, I snatched the keys and drove it home — a 40-mile commute through city streets, rush-hour highway traffic and a little stretch of curvy roads to top it off. I was eager to try to remember why my vague memory of t


The car makes 680 horsepower from two electric motors

It seems that Volkswagen is rolling out a new I.D. concept every few months, all previewing a production car arriving next year. In just the past few months, we've seen the I.D. Buzz, I.D. Crozz and I.D. Vizzion. Today, there's a new high-performance version, the Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak. As the name implies, this is made to tackle the world's most infamous hill climb.

Inline-six mild hybrid system, cleaner lines, solid tech move it forward

The inclusion of the 48-volt EQ Boost system is part of what makes this powertrain so satisfying to use.


Porsche answered crossover craze even while EVs were still in development

"We are big believers that pure electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids can be real Porsche cars like those with an internal-combustion engine."

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Great-driving hatchback that happens to have an electric motor

Just a smoother, quieter Golf.


Cars under electric power will emit noise up to 18.5 mph.

At higher speeds, tire noise, wind resistance, and other factors eliminate the need for a separate alert sound, regulators say.

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Mini's plug-in crossover electrifies our hearts.

The biggest Mini is a relative term.


What comes after Skyactiv-X for Mazda? A bit of everything.

It's not the death of diesel, and other surprising facts.


Tesla, Japanese and Germans use different protocols and are fighting for advantage

They're all fighting for a competitive advantage.


Autonomous driving tech, electrification and Tesla reset auto industry expectations.

2017 was the year of Elon. What's next?

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