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Affordable car rental programs for rideshare drivers

Don't get locked in to a car payment you'll regret if you decide to quit

Rental company Enterprise testing subscription service for $1,499 per month

Subscribers can change cars four times a month

Subscribers can change cars four times a month

Tax-free rentals of car-sharing services are in lawmakers' crosshairs

Traditional rental-car companies, which are loaded with taxes, complain loudly

Traditional rental-car companies, which are loaded with taxes, complain loudly.

Couple say Daimler rented, then disassembled, their Tesla Model X

Mercedes parent reportedly subjected the electric SUV to extreme testing.

The Mercedes parent reportedly subjected the electric SUV to extreme testing and completely dissembled it.

Avis tests fully connected fleet of 5,000 rental cars in Kansas City

Here's what it hopes to accomplish.

Avis will link 5,000 rental cars wirelessly to the internet and each other in Kansas City

What does travel auto insurance cover

If you've been driving for more than a few years, you probably have at least a reasonable grasp of what your regular auto insurance covers.

Watch a skateboarder smash a McLaren's windshield

Things escalate quickly in this Colorado run-in.

Newlyweds crash rented Ferrari into a house

A young couple had an exceedingly unlucky wedding day when they crashed their rented Ferrari into a house in Burnley, Lancashire.

2016 Ford Shelby GT-H celebrates 50 years of Rent-A-Racers

The 2016 Ford Shelby GT-H debuts at the New York Auto Show to celebrate 50 years of Rent-A-Racers with Hertz. The latest one packs sharper handling, a mean body kit, and a cat-back exhaust.

This new transportation bill affects every driver on the road

Here's A Look At Nine Key Provisions In The FAST Act That Impact Motorists

A transportation bill enacted last week isn't just another piece of legislation. It has far-reaching implications for everyone who drives a car.

J.D. Power study finds Millennials love rental cars

J.D. Power's latest North America Rental Car Satisfaction Study finds that enthusiasm among Millennials boosts the ratings of the whole industry. Enterprise grabs the title as the best company for the second year in a row.

Autoblog In Cuba: How (not) to rent a car

A Frustrating Look At Scoring Wheels At CubaCar

With two CubaCar rental agencies within spitting distance of my hotel lobby, I figured renting a car to drive in Havana would be easy. Naturally, I was wrong.

Rental cars companies forced by law to have recalls repaired

An amendment to a bill in the Senate would force rental car companies to repair recalled vehicles before handing over the keys to customers.

Tesla Model S rentals in the UK are crazy expensive

The bad news about trying to rent a Tesla Model S electric vehicle in the UK for a day is that it will run you about $580. The good news? You get 200 free miles worth of driving. The good news? Considering British fuel prices of about $9 a gallon and fact that the average fuel economy in the UK is around 38 miles per gallon, you're at least getting around $45 worth of travel for your $58

Does Dollar Rent A Car Routinely Swindle Customers Via Insurance Scam?

Elderly and foreign visitors especially targeted, according to lawsuit

Dollar Rent A Car is the subject of two class-action lawsuits that allege systematic swindling of customers via fraudulent insurance charges.

Pot Tourists Dumping Stashes At Denver Airport Rental Car Agencies

Travelers unable to bring extra weed home ditch it before heading into the airport

Car rental agencies operating at Denver International Airport are reporting tourists with extra pot are frequently handing it off to their employees or stashing their stash in the cars before they return them.

Enterprise working with renter's insurance to cover $47k Mustang stolen from its lot

There was more than a bit of public indigence following the recent story of Enterprise Rent-A-Car billing a customer $47,000 to replace a Ford Mustang GT Convertible stolen from a Nova Scotia lot. To recap: Kristen Cockerill rented the Mustang for two days, returned

Enterprise customer billed $47k for Mustang stolen from rental lot

A weekend rental of a Ford Mustang GT Convertible sounds like a nice, relaxing way to burn some gas, but one Nova Scotia woman's two-day rental is turning into a months-long headache. In early October, Kristen Cockerill picked up the Mustang from Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and she returned it the following day as stipulated by the rental contract. Unfortunately, she dropped the car

FlightCar carsharing program lands at LAX

Just in time for the holiday travel rush, FlightCar is expanding to the Los Angeles airport. The why-don't-you-rent-out-your-car-while-you're-away carsharing service started in San Francisco and is also available in Boston. Now the money-making scheme will be on offer at the world's Sebastian Blanco

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