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The real-world value of a beater Westy is not very high.

Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia Campers in good condition command high prices, but this '86 got a little bit too beat-up to be worth much.

The two sides don't sound close to any sort of agreement.

"Both sides have a lot to lose in this case."

A human driver must be sitting behind the wheel at all times ready to take back control.

Guess which one will do donuts.

The new electric powertrain is making nearly four times the power of the old flat-four.

Stop them now before they get traction.

"I smelled roadkill."

Hawk, rats... Predator, prey... Get it? Come on, work with me here.

Sluggish start to 2017 shows cracks in foundation built on new products.

An $11-billion gamble paid off – for awhile.

The money will go to clean up existing gas engines and invest in future electric ones.

Audi bought the Italian motorbike maker back in 2012.

With Piech gone, the sale will be easier.

About the same number of drivers say they're buying a pickup next.

AAA poll indicates 30 million Americans may buy an electric vehicle within three to five years.

At Auto Shanghai 2017, VW showed off a real version of its autonomous concept vehicle.

It's part of a $4.3 billion settlement announced in January.

Volkswagen denies the allegations.

Reported problems range from EGR trouble to DPF failure.

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