VW Eos nearly sells out in Canada without advertising, launch campaign cancelled

What a pleasant "problem" to have! The Volkswagen Eos has left such an impression on Canadian drivers who already snapped one up, that dealer lots were picked clean of the Rabbit-based convertible purely on word of mouth alone. That's all well and good, but when you're an automaker with a new car to launch, you pull out all the stops for an advertising campaign to roll it out. As these cars were zipping off to homes, VW was in the middle of planning the Canadian marketing launch of the Eos. Looking at the numbers, it quickly became obvious that the car was selling itself, and that it no longer made sense to go through with the launch campaign. We're sure that VW's trying to figure out why that happened for the relatively affordable Eos, and not the ├╝ber-sedan Phaeton.

Thanks for the tip, Erica

[Source: mediaincanada.com]

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