Hans Gruber, Your Ride Is Here: Volkswagen rolls out White Night Eos special edition

Volkswagen Eos White Nights – Click above for high-res image gallery

We know that Volkswagen's new special-edition Eos isn't named after a mythical cavalry figure on an ivory steed, but when we heard that the automaker's latest model has been dubbed White Night, we couldn't get Harry Ellis, the cloying stereotypical Eighties businessman from the original Die Hard movie out of our heads ( "Hans... Boobie... I'm your White Knight."). Given that the terrorists in this seminal Bruce Willis film are equally stereotypically cold Germans, we're not sure that authorities at the Deutsche automaker will appreciate what came to mind for us, but we digress.

In any case, the Eos White Night is big on contrast, with a Candy White body offset by a Deep Black Pearlescent roof, side mirrors, and radiator grille. The look is an interesting one, as it uproots one of the inherent strengths that the folding hardtop convertible medium achieves best – the ability to have a matching body shell and roof, something that isn't as easily achieved with a conventional folding cloth top.

In addition to the contrasting black-and-white motif, the White Night also receives cherry-red LED taillights, 18-inch "Budapest" alloys, as well as nappa black leather with contrasting light seams, White Night sill panels, and Candy White trim strips. Every White Night comes equipped with automatic climate control, sports suspension (lowered 15 mm) and heated front seats.

The special edition Eos is available for order with any engine save the gasoline V6 – but at this time, it is a Europe only model that starts at a tidy €33,140 (over $46k USD!). 1980's White Nights Mercury Sable owners, eat your heart out.

High-res gallery below, official press release after the jump.

[Source: Volkswagen]


The new Eos White Night loves contrast

Refined black-and-white contrast for discerning drivers

Wolfsburg, 28 May 2009 – The new Eos White Night embraces the
contrast of black and white: the body is white, while elements
such as the roof, radiator grille and mirror covers are black. This
special model can be ordered starting now.

The Eos White Night provides an interesting set of contrasts, including
exterior paintwork in "Candy White", a roof painted in "Deep Black
Pearlescent" and cherry-red LED tail lights. A number of details in
black such as the mirror covers, radiator grille and trim strips enhance
the appeal of this special model. 18-inch "Budapest" wheels partially
painted black with a polished finish complete the elegant appearance
of the Eos White Night.

The light and dark accents continue in the interior: the black nappa
leather seats, door and side trim and black steering wheel feature
light-coloured seams. There are also trim strips and radio trim in
"Candy White". Sill panel strips lettered with "White Night" showcase
this special model.

Convenience elements such as the "Climatronic" climate control
system, sports chassis lowered 15 mm and heated front seats come
as standard in the Eos White Night. The Eos White Night starts from
€33,140 and can be combined with all engine versions except for the

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