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Will the real Tahoe/Yukon Hybrid MSRP please stand up?

Hybrid vehicles still don't make much sense for automakers. The cost of the technology is more than what consumers are willing to pay and in many cases the fuel-saving benefits can be achieved with a simple diesel motor (at least in Europe). Because of this, coming up with the right sticker price can be a major stumbling block. Price it too high and no one will want to buy your hybrid, but discount it too much and money will be lost on every model sold.

Tokyo Motor Show: Models of a different sort

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Tokyo Motor Show: Mitsubishi's i MIEV Sport plug-in

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Tokyo Motor Show: Exclusive up close and personal pics of the Nissan GT-R

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Tokyo Motor Show: Practical performance with BMW's M3 Sedan

There hasn't been a BMW M3 sedan since the E36 generation, but that doesn't mean BMW has forgotten how to build a fast saloon car. The M3 Sedan takes everything good about the M3 coupe and adds two doors to the mix, allowing you to better justify the purchase with your significant other. BMW has thrown out the standard headlights on the sedan and replaced them with the lights found on the coupe, giving it a more sporting design in the process.The basic specs are all the s

Tokyo Motor Show: VW drops the up! space in Japan

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GM passes Toyota for global sales in Q3

Automotive News reports that General Motors' global sales so far this year have inched the automaker past its cross-pond rival Toyota. The Japanese juggernaut managed to move 7.05 million vehicles during the the first three quarters, while GM sold 7.06 million.

Racing-spec McMerc 722 at speed on the 'Ring

Mercedes' uber sports car, the McLaren SLR 722 GT, has been caught at the 'ring undergoing final testing for the 20-odd cars that are expected to be delivered to a very lucky few early next year. A pre-production model was spotted at the start of the month in Germany and this is likely to be the same car seen here.

VIDEO: Jason Plato's firey review of the Caparo T1

Earlier this month, Fifth Gear presenter and British Touring Car Championship driver Jason Plato was hurt behind the wheel of the high-performance Caparo T1 supercar while filming a segment for the UK television show. In this video footage of the incident, all looks swell as Plato takes

eBay Find of the Day: Custom-bodied Honda CRX Si

Looking kind of like a cross between a Ferrari 550 Maranello and a Daihatsu Copen, this unique 1991 Honda CRX Si is the creation of Tabor Lovasz, the owner of Gulf Coast Motors in Toronto. The project involved a full upgrade to the original car's mechanical package including H&R s

Mercedes-Benz first in California with diesel

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Ralph Lauren's car collection in pictures

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Sydney 2007: Holden Commodore Sportwagon and HSV Maloo break cover again

Automakers go to great lengths preventing images and details of new cars being released prior to their official debut, but sometimes, well... often, they still fail. Holden is the latest automaker to suffer this fate, with images of its new VE Commodore wagon and high-performance HSV Maloo ute being leaked for the second time ahead of their debut at next week's Sydney Auto Show.

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