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Another sport sedan! The fleet is looking good.

An ingenious solution to the entry-level F-Type problem?

An ingenious solution to the entry-level F-Type problem?

'Reborn' and made beautiful again, for $355,000.

The first car makes its debut next week.

Wire wheels, Lucas electrics, and everything else that makes a Jag a Jag.

Notorious for electrical malfunctions, these had plenty of style.

Jaguar, the upscale Brit, is currently enjoying a resurgence in the US, built on an improved value proposition, credible quality, better reliability, and an expanded lineup.

Just six watches will be built to commemorate Jaguar's E-Type continuation series.

The Jaguar watches are British while the Land Rover watch is Swiss.

These were the most dependable cars in this year's JD Power Dependability Study. Porsche and Lexus tied for first.

The lineup adds some safety equipment and a fuel payment app, too.

Apple Pay and PayPal will be supported first, with Android Pay coming later.

Pay for gas without leaving your car! And then get out and pump it.

We talk Chicago debuts, what we're driving, and buying advice, with some bad jokes thrown in for good measure.

Because some vehicles never go out of style.

A list of our current favorites that we think will stand the test of time.

One is on sale now in the UK.

The car on sale is just one of 26 examples.

And this isn't the first time theives have pulled off this sort of heist.

The Great Jaguar Land Rover Engine Heist!

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