Jaguar unveils Vision Gran Turismo electric race car for 'Gran Turismo Sport'

Take it for a virtual spin late next month

We've driven some hot Jaguars, one of our favorites being the deliciously fast, all-electric I-Pace. Unfortunately, that car costs around $70,000 to start. Too rich for your blood? Jaguar has designed an all-electric race car specifically for PlayStation 4's "Gran Tursimo Sport." Called the Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo Coupé, you'll be able to take this performance EV for some virtual hot laps soon. It'll be available for download late next month, but first, it's getting broken in by competitors in Sony’s Gran Turismo World Tour event at the Tokyo Motor Show this week.

The latest in a series of virtual concept cars, from a variety of automakers, this Jaguar designed its Vision GT from the ground up as an all-wheel-drive EV, inspired by the historic C-Type and D-Type, but with modern technology from its I-Type 4 Formula E and I-Pace eTrophy racers. Its three electric motors are good for a total of 750 kW (1,005 horsepower) and 885 pound-feet of torque. That'll launch the car to 62 miles per hour in less than two seconds.

Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo Coupe
Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo Coupe
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Though the Vision Gran Turismo is a virtual vehicle, Jaguar put a lot of thought into the design and materials. It's made from carbon-fiber composites and aluminum alloys, and if it were real, it'd weigh 3,086 pounds. Thought was given to aerodynamics, down to the car's deployable wing to balance drag and downforce. "This was the dream project for a car designer, creating a futuristic sports car for Gran Turismo means our designs and ideas could be truly limitless," said Oliver Cattell-Ford, exterior designer, Jaguar Advanced Design. "It has to excite future generations and most importantly, look and feel unmistakably Jaguar.”

If you like to use the cockpit perspective when gaming, you won't be disappointed, as Jaguar paid attention to interior details as well. Chris Shaw, interior designer, Jaguar Advanced Design, said of it, "The architecture is visually lightweight, simple, and dramatic; featuring advanced and experimental materials and finishes.Sitting in the stunningly considered cockpit and looking out onto the gracefully long bonnet of the Jaguar Vision GT Coupé — a view that is unmistakably Jaguar — the player will be fully immersed in the action.” It even features hologram technology for displaying information, with augmented reality digital side glass that can alert the driver to dangers outside the vehicle. The holographic features are more conceptual, however, and will be limited in gameplay.

As for the soundtrack, the Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo was based off recordings from the 1957 ‘603’ Long Nose D-type Le Mans car, blended with the distinctive sound of electric motors.

Sure, it may not be an actual, physical car, but we like what Jaguar has done here. It's a stunning design, and we like that Jaguar went with an all-electric powertrain for its Vision Gran Turismo. It's clear that Jaguar is looking to the future — and that future combines performance and electrification — but it also hasn't lost sight of its heritage.

Watch the video below to learn more about what went in to creating the Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo:



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