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Where does the next SL-Class go with the AMG GT C Roadster and S-Class cabriolet crowding it out?

An interview with M-B's design boss Gorden Wagener


Plus: Five special liveries that will celebrate the automaker’s 70th anniversary.

It's not your typical Ferrari spider, that's for sure.


BMW celebrates the M3's 30th anniversary by looking into the car's past.


Trick roof and special coloring will cost $34,685.

Loyal Mazda customers have a limited time to preorder the sports car.


It might go farther, too.

It will also come to dealer lots next year.


New name, new engines, but the Boxster goodness is retained.


Open-top sports car makes mincemeat out of Porsches.


Driving is hard. So is making a proper entrance, OK?

According to the hotel, this isn't the first time that it's happened.


DB11 Volante will be launched in 2018.

And we thought the DB11 couldn't be prettier.


This 771-piece kit should be easier than building the real car, and cheaper.

This is one kit car you can put together without a garage and endless hours of labor.


You'll be able to choose from normal GT Roadster and the wider, faster GT C Roadster.


New convertible mixes C-Class with the S-Class.


It may be banned on the track, but could it help on the street?

The result is more downforce. Much more downforce.


Is the new paint facility really a new assembly line? Let's speculate!

We read it on the internet, so it must be true.


Just 60 will be built, and none of them are likely to make it Stateside.

Here to kick off the Lotus Seven's 60th Anniversary.


Dinner, as art, with a convertible Land Rover, in a former auto dealership.

Weird dinner in a weird car, at a place that used to sell International Harvesters. More proof that anything can be called art.


Surprise! Alfa is in the business of making money.

Crossovers are popular and Alfa is looking to boost sales worldwide. It's unfortunate for enthusiasts, but it shouldn't be a surprise.


The continuation series will produce nine more.

Time travel is no longer necessary to buy a brand-new AC Cobra.


More. Better. Louder. Yes, all of that.

We drive the fastest full-production Jaguar.


Don't worry too much, for a successor is still coming.

Did you think all the six-figure automobiles were made in Europe? Think again, because some of the most expensive are made right here in America.

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