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BMW and Microsoft make it possible.

The ultimate multitasking machine.

We have mixed feelings about it.

Remote control parking is a cool party trick, though.

BMW's battery packs take to the high seas.

Apparently, electricity and water do mix.

Oxford has competition from the Netherlands and Germany.

The car industry in England is concerned about the effect any loss of unfettered access to the EU, its largest export market, could have on plants after Brexit.

We flew to New Zealand just to drive a truck.

Simplify, as in, fewer manual transmissions and steering wheels.

Expect fewer manual transmission BMWs in the future.

Automakers learn from their partnerships in areas like carbon fiber.

The car boasts new tech to connect your car, your phone, and your home.

North America's largest automotive supplier is alone among its competitors in performing contract manufacturing for carmakers.

Down on diesel, even in the land of diesel.

It could help your independent repair shop.

Like a 540i, but more expensive and with a hatch.

Got $30,000? How about a pre-owned BMW M3.

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