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A new, flexible platform will take the place of the i5.

The sleek coupe is to be officially unveiled tomorrow in Italy.

Sure, you could go out and buy a brand-new car. Or, you could save yourself from the initial depreciation hit by choosing a certified pre-owned vehicle.

The new Z4 will share a platform with the Toyota Supra.

Car accidents may be an inevitable part of our daily lives, but some cars and trucks are more likely to be involved in crashes than others.

We recently stumbled across a series of old video interviews we did with celebrities about their first car. This one is with Kim Kardashian, from 2009. Guess what her first car was. (Hint: It was not a Corolla or Kia.) And guess what she did with it. Enjoy.

This is either very good or very bad news, depending on your perspective.

The new system, M xDrive, can be set to rear-wheel drive only.

A human driver must be sitting behind the wheel at all times ready to take back control.

BMW's hybrid supercar convertible is almost ready.

The 8-Series has been out of production since 1999.

The car will be based on the 7-Series sedan.

When something is hip, an automaker must glom onto it.

Rethinking personal mobility, and all the other jargon.

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