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Upgraded suspension, a new 4Runner roof rack and a Tacoma snorkel.

Upgraded suspension, a new 4Runner roof rack and a snorkel for the Tacoma.


Teasers to vehicle reveals are getting more scenic, at least


Comparing the new Ford with the U.S. midsize pickup market

These midsize trucks are very similar on paper.


There’s a diesel engine we think could show up on a future Ranger variant.

The 2.3-liter EcoBoost should be pretty good. But what else might Ford throw under the hood?


1998 Tacoma meets the new TRD Pro in this comparo video.

I've spent weeks getting my 1998 Tacoma into shape for this trip, but it seems like we'll be lucky to get up into the hills at all.


It's switching plans for the plant from the Corolla to the Tacoma.


The two automakers now own a stake in one another.

The two automakers now each own a stake in the other.


That classic red-orange BMW hue is there for a reason, but so is every other color.


The Adventure? That’s a different vibe.

Go off road, or at least look like you do.

First Ride

It's like a TRD Off-Road, but for pros. Or people who want more equipment.


Twin-turbo Land Speed Cruiser paves the way for six customized Toyotas.

Sorry Bentley, but this is the world's fastest SUV.


Out of the 11 trucks that were tested, only one has "good" headlights.


Maybe if the midsize pickup market gets big enough, we could see a new Ranger and Frontier.


2016 will be a big year for pickup trucks in the US. Some consumers will always need a truck for their job or lifestyle, and others just like driving them.

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