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Swarm of bees descends on man's Mitsubishi

A man in Wales got quite a shock when he returned to his car only to find it covered in bees.

Family walks away from terrible crash caught on dashcam

A family of three was lucky to survive this dramatic car crash where their Volvo flipped over and skidded across a rainy highway in the UK in 2014.

Catch the rally bug in one easy step at Wales Rally GB

Enjoy rally highlight videos, jump compilations, that sort of thing? Watching a real WRC rally is a transformative experience. Come with us to Wales.

England and Wales ban smoking in cars with children inside

Smokers who light up in vehicles with children inside will face fines in England and Wales due to a new ban that went into effect Thursday.

UK offers Aston Martin military base to produce DBX in Wales

British Prime Minister David Cameron has publicly offered Aston Martin use of a military facility in Wales in order to handle assembly of the new DBX crossover within the UK instead of Alabama.

Welsh bus company pulls topless-model 'ride me' ads

Cardiff-based New Adventure Travel bus company has pledged to take down its controversial billboards following a public backlash against the objectification of women.

Land Rover Defender Celebration Series draws a line in the sand [w/video]

The enduring classic that is the Defender will cease production at Solihull at the end of this year, but before it does, Land Rover has released three new special editions - and made its mark in the sand one kilometer across.

Man beats speeding ticket with measuring tape

Speed camera may have been incorrectly recording speed for years

A man in Wales successfully beat his speeding ticket with nothing more than a tape measure.

Nissan GT-R and Ferrari 458 Speciale in track battle by Evo

Supercar slayer. That's what they call the Nissan GT-R. And in many ways it is, even though its price and performance over the years have risen to put it squarely in supercar territory of its own right.

Neighbors Trap Would-Be Car Thief In Vehicle

A nieghbor films entire bizarre encounter

This takes Neighborhood Watch to a whole new level.

Circuit of Wales gets key go-ahead vote by local government

A development company called Heads of the Valleys, led by Michael Carrick, is working through the steps to build a 250-million-pound ($378M US) motorsports facility in Blaenau Gwent, Wales, about 33 miles due north of Cardiff. After more than a year of work so far, the latest success is that the Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council has given approval to the outline plan of the circuit.

Sebastien Loeb seals record eighth World Rally Championship despite off-track crash

You take the good with the bad. It's a motto that applies to any number of situations in life, and certainly does in motorsports. That's what Sebastien Loeb and his longtime co-pilot Daniel Elena found this weekend in Wales.

UK energy secretary: proposed 80 mph speed limit should only apply to electric vehicles

A proposed increase of the speed limit on UK roads – to 80 miles per hour – is not without controversy, concerns and complaints. How about this for an unlikely solution? UK energy secretary Chris Huhne reckons the proposed 80-mph limit motorway should only apply to electric vehicles. Apparently, this is to please enviro types while concurrently promoting the adoption and use of electric vehicles. It's a win-win situation, right?

Jeremy Clarkson says Welsh language should be abolished, dust-up ensues

Jeremy Clarkson's perpetual foot-in-mouth disease shows no signs of letting up. The latest dust-up doesn't really have anything to do with cars at all, which is the Top Gear host's actual area of expertise, of course. Instead, Jezza railed against languages other than English.

Prince Harry poised to drive Top Gear Reasonably Priced Car?

Top Gear could be set to welcome royalty into the driver's seat of its reasonably priced Kia Cee'd. Prince Harry is reportedly eager to get behind the wheel and tackle the Top Gear test track in the next series of the popular BBC franchise, where he will attempt to best the 1:44.2 lap time set by Tom Cruise.

Top Gear blokes get death threats after jabs at Wales?

If you thought you were going to make it through a week without hearing about how the wily hosts of Top Gear ruffled someone's feathers, think again. According to WhatsOnTv, James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond have begun receiving death threats after making disparaging comments about Wales in a recent program. The BBC program hosts reportedly remarked that fast cars should be test-driven on Welsh roads because no one wants to live there.

Get into Zevan and come with me to the casbah

I've always wanted to say this and now, thanks to new British electric car start up, Stevens Vehicles Ltd, I can: "Get into Zevan and come with me to the casbah." There is now an alternative for Brits who want a domestically-manufactured electric car but don't want to wait a year or spend 150,000 quid on a Lightning GT. Actually, two alternatives because Stevens is not only going to produce Zevan, the sexy beast (and I use that term loosely) you see pictured above. Nay, also on offer is the five

The world's greenest train station?

Of course, train travel has the potential to be one of the greenest forms of travel around. And, the best part of it all is that the more people on the train, the better! What I mean is that the emissions of the train can be spread over a larger number of people - people who might otherwise be driving.

Smart roadster to be built in Wales

Project Kimber, the U.K. group that purchased the manufacturing rights to the Smart Roadster, announced this week that it will locate its production facility in Wales. After relocating the Roadster's production line from the Smart factory to Kimber's as yet unnamed site in Wales, the group plan to begin production by mid-2007.