Top Gear blokes get death threats after jabs at Wales?

If you thought you were going to make it through a week without hearing about how the wily hosts of Top Gear ruffled someone's feathers, think again. According to WhatsOnTv, James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond have begun receiving death threats after making disparaging comments about Wales in a recent program. The BBC program hosts reportedly remarked that fast cars should be test-driven on Welsh roads because no one wants to live there.

That latest bit of bashing was apparently the last straw. The trio has taken turns giving the Welsh a hard time in the past, with May calling their language "baffling and dangerous" among other offenses.

The death threats are only the latest in a series of cultural mishaps that have befallen the show. Last year, Top Gear riled Muslims by donning the traditional headwear of women, and it irked Christians by portraying a baby Stig in the traditional role of the newborn Jesus. Most recently, the show invoked the ire of the Mexican ambassador to the UK by unleashing a rash of stereotypes about his countrymen.

[Source: WhatsOnTv | Image: Gareth Fuller/AP]

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