A young scofflaw who may just be Wales' dumbest criminal filmed himself in the act of stealing a dashcam - with the very dashcam we was attempting to steal.

According to the Daily Mail, police in Cardiff, Wales, are on the lookout for a thief who hilariously botched a break-in attempt by filming himself in the act. Back in March, he attempted to break into a minivan owned by Steven Camileri. Finding the van's door unlocked, the thief yanked it open and grabbed Camileri's dashcam and a few other convenient items. When he turned to leave, however, he looked directly into a security camera Camileri had recently installed on his house.

Realizing that the jig was up, he covered his face with one hand and quickly put everything back in the van where he found it. Unfortunately for him, he managed to video his face while replacing the dashcam.

"He broke in and stole some things, but after realizing he was caught on CCTV he put them back," Camileri told the Daily Mail. "One of the things he took was a dashcam. As he put it back it caught a lovely picture of his face. A car adapter set we bought while on a trip to France was also taken and then put back. It's a bit worrying knowing that this person targeted our car, which was parked right outside our house."

Camileri told the Mail that he hopes the footage captured both by his security camera and his dashcam will help police find the bungling burglar.

"I couldn't believe it when I watched the footage. It is unbelievable," he said. "I haven't had anybody come forward yet, but I am hoping that he will eventually be caught."

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