A city bus company in the UK has caused a bit of a stir over its latest internal advertising campaign.

New Adventure Travel – based in Cardiff, Wales – recently launched the campaign that features ostensibly topless male and female models holding up signs that read, "Ride Me All Day For £3." The slogan was designed to promote a new flat-rate bus service across the city, but after a public backlash (particularly on Twitter), the company has pledged to take down the signs from its buses.

"The slogan of 'ride me all day for £3' whilst being a little tongue in cheek was in no way intended to cause offence to either men or women and, if the advert has done so then we apologise unreservedly," the transport company wrote in a statement published on its website. "Given the volume of negativity received we have decided to remove the pictures from the back of the buses within the next twenty four hours."

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