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Seven stolen Camaros lead police on high-speed chase

Stolen from GM's Lansing plant, the cars were definitely going fast, possibly furious

Bodycam video shows cop shooting through own windshield in car chase

Las Vegas officer was chasing two murder suspects

Las Vegas officer was chasing two murder suspects.

Mustang pierces the Colorado Rockies on I-70 at 150 mph

Troopers can't keep up: ‘They weren't doing it’

A few days ago we told you about the driver of a Dodge Hellcat who got busted after hitting 160 mph in Indiana. Such excessive speeders sometimes get caught, sometimes get killed. And sometimes ... they get away. In today's take-it-to-the-track news, Colorado troopers spotted a Mustang doing 140 mph at 12:30 a.m. Friday morning on I-70 around Glenwood Springs.

10-year-old hits 100 mph: Boy leads Ohio troopers on a chase

When the interstate was no longer an option, he drove down the ditch.

When the interstate was no longer an option, he drove down the ditch.

Watch as Texas woman slips handcuffs, swipes police car for 100 mph chase

"Gol dang!" shouts a cop as she speeds away

A shoplifting call gone way wrong.

This is why you don't lead police on a long-distance, high-speed chase

Spoiler Alert: The suspect was caught. And the result wasn't pretty.

Watch as hero motorists save trooper in fight for his life

Pursuit of stolen motorcycle turns into a brawl.

"I just saw that he needed help," said one of the Good Samaritans. "And I decided to help."

Man escapes attempted carjacking and catches the incident on his dashcam

An alert, quick-thinking driver avoided a potentially dangerous situation this week in New Mexico when he evaded and attempted car jacking.

This clever car catching net stops fleeing suspects without causing a crash

An Arizona man unveiled an invention earlier this week that he believes will reduce the danger inherent in high-speed chases.

Arizona man takes a break from high-speed car chase for a burger

Those are good burgers, dude.

An Arizona scofflaw is in custody today after leading police on a high-speed chase through a Phoenix area In-N-Out Burger earlier this week.

Watch a roundabout foil a driver fleeing from the cops

A runaway driver's escape took a turn for the worse on a newly built roundabout.

Chinese tourists experience traditional American police chase

A family of three on vacation in San Diego led police on a high-speed chase over the weekend when they failed to stop for lights and sirens.

Houston cop bails out of chopper to dispense justice

An alleged robbery suspect in Houston, Texas is behind bars today after he led Houston Police on a frantic chase before being brought down by an airborne HPD officer.

Bull Leads Police On Slow Speed Chase Through North Texas | Autoblog Minute

A bull leads police in North Texas on a four hour long slow-speed chase. Arlington police pursued the bull through residential neighborhoods through North Texas and posted the dashcam footage to their YouTube page.

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