This is why you don't lead police on a long-distance, high-speed chase

There seems to be nothing more that the American populace loves to see on the local news than a police chase. High speeds, lots of miles traveled – the more ridiculous, the better. And we say ridiculous because, outside of Hollywood at least, it never works out well for the criminal. There's really only one inevitable outcome: capture, legal wrangling, and jail time.

Perhaps that's why an hour-long high-speed police chase like the one you see up above lends itself so well to the Benny Hill treatment. Speed up the action, add an unmistakable soundtrack, and voila! You've got the makings of comedy gold, as demonstrated by the crew at

This particular chase started in Louisville and ended in southeast Indiana. The driver was a suspected purse snatcher. In any case, police caught the suspect – of course! – and proceeded to pay the driver back with a flurry of punches, kicks, and body slams. After the chase was over, police proceeded to pull a bevy of stolen purses from the red Ford Ranger pickup truck.

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