Arizona man takes a break from high-speed car chase for a burger

Those are good burgers, dude.

A man in Arizona is in custody after leading police on a high-speed chase through a Phoenix area In-N-Out Burger earlier this week.

According to FOX10, Phoenix police spotted Joshua Adkins on the evening of October 26 and set a couple of unmarked cars to follow him. Adkins, who had an outstanding warrant for aggravated assault-domestic violence and unlawful imprisonment, realized he was being tailed and attempted to flee. The suspect led police through Phoenix proper and into the East Valley until eventually to nearby Chandler where the chase took a strange turn.

With police in pursuit and a news helicopter flying low overhead, Adkins took the opportunity to duck into an In-N-Out Burger drive-thru. Footage from the chopper shows Adkins ordering and driving up to the window, but he took off before his food was delivered. Adkins then drove into a nearby neighborhood, ditched his Chevy pickup, and fled into the night.

Adkins ran into a backyard and tried to break into a house. When he couldn't get in, he surrendered peacefully to police and was taken into custody. Police booked Adkins on suspicion of unlawful flight from law enforcement, along with the charges on his warrant.

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