An alleged robbery suspect in Houston, Texas is behind bars today after he led Houston Police on a frantic chase before being brought down by an airborne HPD officer on Tuesday afternoon.

According to FOX Houston, Houston Police responded to a burglary call. Witnesses reported that two men were forcing their way into a home on Melwood Street. When police arrived on the scene, the two suspects jumped in a car and fled with HPD in hot pursuit. HPD scrambled patrol vehicles and a helicopter to nab the fleeing suspects, who eventually ditched their car and fled on foot into a grassy field.

Aerial footage from a news chopper showed one of the suspects running through the grass followed closely by an HPD pursuit SUV. As the suspect dodged and weaved through the field, an HPD helicopter buzzed him a couple times, herding him toward the following SUV. The officer in the SUV attempted a low-speed PIT maneuver on the suspect, but all he succeeded in doing was knocking him temporarily to the ground. In an instant the suspect was back on his feet and running. That's when the chopper crew decided to get involved.

The pilot put the little helicopter, a Hughes MD500, down in the grass and Officer Steven Borgstedte leaped into action. Borgstedte, a veteran HPD patrol officer, sprinted after the suspect and after a tackle and a quick scuffle, managed to detain him. The second suspect was taken into custody moments after Borgstedte nabbed the man in the field.

"It's always good especially for the residents nothing got stolen. We ended up catching the two suspects, so it worked out good for everybody and no one got hurt," said HPD Lieutenant Jonathan Gonzalez.

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