A few days ago we told you about the driver of a Dodge Hellcat who got busted after hitting 160 mph in Indiana. Such excessive speeders sometimes get caught, sometimes get killed, and sometimes ... they actually get away. In today's take-it-to-the-track news, Colorado troopers spotted a Mustang doing 140 mph at 12:30 a.m. Friday morning on I-70 around Glenwood Springs.

At 140 mph, good luck reading a license plate, and speed and darkness made for a vague description otherwise: dark color and older model. We don't know if that means 1960s or something older in the new generation. We do know that not every Mustang could make or safely handle that kind of speed.

The Mustang was on a stretch west of town where the speed limit drops as the highway curves along the Colorado River. But when the troopers hit their lights and sirens, the driver sped up, to 150.

"They tried to catch up. They weren't doing it," Colorado State Patrol spokesman Trooper Gary Cooper said. "They couldn't get close enough."

The troopers called off the chase, which Cooper credited with saving the Mustang driver's life. His luck goes far beyond eluding the officers.

"It's extremely reckless, especially with people who haven't been trained to drive at those speeds," Cooper said. Brakes fade, tires blow — the ways to die in that situation are myriad. "I've seen a deer total a car before."

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