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Act fast to watch first three Fast and Furious movies on Netflix

Then it's a year-long wait to see the mid-engined Charger in FF9

UPDATE: Netflix drops trailer for wild-looking car competition 'Hyperdrive'

28 drivers race their own cars through in a 100-acre obstacle course

Eddie Murphy, Seth Rogan headline new season of 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee'

It debuts on Netflix on July 19

It debuts on Netflix on July 19.

Ferrari considering Netflix and esports involvement

A documentary on Netflix and an esports team are on the docket

A documentary on Netflix and an esports team are on the docket

Netflix explores the perilous life of F1 in 'Drive to Survive'

'I'll do anything I can to get the best results possible. I'm not worried about dying.'

"I'll do anything I can to get the best results possible. I'm not worried about dying."

Netflix's new Fastest Car show has supercar-beating beaters

The show premieres today (April 6)

Netflix's new "Fastest Car" show premieres today. The hour-long episodes have a rather interesting premise: they take three builds, done in unassuming sleeper style, and pitch them against production supercars.

Could Apple use its massive cash reserve to take over Tesla?

One Citi analyst is suggesting exactly that, and a whole lot more.

Apple is sitting on a cash hoard of $250 billion. Analysts think that money should be put to work.

Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee heads to Netflix

Seinfeld quits Crackle and takes his comedy and cars with him.

Netflix will stream new Top Gear, it's just not clear when

Call it the consolation prize to Amazon snagging the old hosts.

Netflix missed out on Top Gear's hosts but it has snagged the rights to stream the new version with Chris Evans. We just don't know exactly when and where.

Netflix reportedly in talks with the BBC for new 'Top Gear'

The Guardian reports that Netflix is "in the early stages" of discussing a deal with the BBC for certain streaming rights to the Top Gear reboot.

Clarkson drops hints on new car show filming in the US

The former hosts of Top Gear might be bringing their show to the US, at least based on a joke during a recent stage show in Australia. A streaming service like Netflix is thought to be the most likely place to see the trio next.

Hammond, May to reject $6.1M BBC offer to return to Top Gear

James May and Richard Hammond have allegedly turned down a big-money offer from the BBC to return to Top Gear. If they had accepted, it would have meant taping the show without co-host Jeremy Clarkson.

Former Top Gear Team Considering 'House of Cars' on Netflix

The former Top Gear team are rumored to be heading to Netflix and may have picked the very best name imaginable.

Senna back on Netflix Instant Streaming, available for rent in iTunes

The award-winning documentary Senna has been elusive for many American fans to see. It's had a limited release in theaters on the coasts, and even popped up in Netflix's Instant Streaming queue for a few accidental days, but otherwise us Yanks have had to watch from afar as everyone's been drooling over director Asif Kapadia's

Ford, Toyota adopt Netflix technology for bill paying

The long-time comeback for inquiring creditors has always been the once fail-safe "The check is in the mail." That oldie but goodie won't work anymore if you've purchased a new vehicle from Ford or Toyota's credit arm. The two automakers have adopted bar code scan technology that tells each company whether or not your check actually is in the mail. The same technology is used by Netflix to determine when a subscriber has sent back a DVD, which enables the cloud-based DVD rental service to send t