Senna back on Netflix Instant Streaming, available for rent in iTunes

The award-winning documentary Senna has been elusive for many American fans to see. It's had a limited release in theaters on the coasts, and even popped up in Netflix's Instant Streaming queue for a few accidental days, but otherwise us Yanks have had to watch from afar as everyone's been drooling over director Asif Kapadia's masterpiece about the life and death of Ayrton Senna.

That ended last week when Senna officially became available as a digital download. You can now watch the film on Netflix Instant Streaming (again) or rent it on iTunes. So far they're your only options if you live in North America, as owning this motion picture biography of the greatest Formula One driver who ever lived isn't an option until the DVD drops on March 6th, and there is no release date yet for a Blu-Ray version in the U.S.

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