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Netflix's new Fastest Car show has supercar-beating beaters

The show premieres today (April 6)

Netflix's new "Fastest Car" show premieres today. The hour-long episodes have a rather interesting premise: they take three builds, done in unassuming sleeper style, and pitch them against production supercars.

You can pretty much put serious power into anything, but keeping the look modest enough to disguise all that power is quite a challenge – as is driving head-to-head against a McLaren, Lamborghini, or anything that comes stock from the factory with respectable power figures. The series promises to pit a Honda CRX against a Ferrari California, a Pontiac minivan against a Porsche 911 GT3, and other comparable face-offs.

All of the cars, built or bought, come with their own stories, as do the owners and builders. The teaser trailers promise a pretty engaging show. Perhaps it's not all about throwing spanners or working against an incredulous deadline, either.

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