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Is It Faster To Weave In And Out Of Traffic Or Stay In One Lane?

Do not try this experiment at home

The Mythbusters are out on the road testing which will get you to your destination quicker, weaving into speedier and more promising lanes or sticking it out in a single lane?

Mythbusters tests which is more efficient, four-way stop or roundabout [w/poll]

In the US, the four-way-stop intersection is king, with little competition from roundabouts. In Europe, things are reversed, and the roundabout is much more common than four-way-stop intersections. While it has been said before that the roundabout is a more efficient way to handle traffic at a busy intersection, Mythbusters aims to find out the truth.

Mythbusters tests the square wheel theory

The Mythbusters have finally tackled the long-unanswered question, "Why don't cars have square wheels?"

Mythbusters test the lumber-hauling prowess of a Jetta

Remember the old saw about German cars being "over-built?" Well, if this doesn't lend it some credence, nothing will.

Mythbusters answers which is greener, cars or motorcycles?

Using portable emissions equipment, a wide sampling of cars and bikes from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s and with the help of Dr. Kent Johnson of UC Riverside, the Mythbusters team claims they proved motorcycles are dirtier than cars.

Video: Mythbusters put the motorcycle tablecloth trick to the test

Motorcycle-mounted Mythbusters versus the tablecloth – Click above to watch the video after the break

Video: Mythbusters, cars and duct tape. What could go wrong?

Duct tape versus a speeding car – Click above to watch the video after the break

Video: Mythbusters put the science of crashing cars to the test

Hyundais Daewoos sacrificed in the name of science – Click above to watch the videos after the break

VIDEO: Mythbusters annihilate a car near the speed of sound

Mythbusters make us smile - click above to watch the video

VIDEO: Mythbusters test golf ball-like dimpling effect on fuel economy (*Spoiler Alert!*)

Mythbusters test golf ball-like dimpling on MPG – Click above to watch video after the jump

VIDEO: Mythbusters test golf ball-like dimpling effect on fuel economy (*Spoiler Alert!*)

Mythbusters test golf ball-like dimpling on MPG – Click above to watch video after the jump

As seen on TV: Barefoot electric ATV from Mythbusters nearing production

Electric vehicles seem to have a bright future ahead of them. Although it may take a little while before a majority of our cars and trucks are running on electrons instead of gasoline, there appears to be a slice of the recreational market that's ready to make the switch now. Just over a year ago, we wrote about a new electric ATV that was co-designed by Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters fame, and the machine seems to be progressing nicely. Barefoot Motors calls their machine an Earth Utility Vehicle

Mythbusters take on electric vehicle misconceptions

One of the most popular shows on the Discovery Channel is Mythbusters and recently Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman and the rest of the team have been taking a look at gas vs electric vehicles for an upcoming episode. Right now Hyneman has an article on Popular Mechanics about their experiences. The crew looked at 5 pairs of vehicles (one of each with gas and electric drive). One pair consisted of Saturn sedans, one of which has been converted to run on lead acid batteries. The Mythbusters also built

Mythbusters to bust myth electric cars are slow in episode next season

The Record Bee caught up with the Mythbusters (Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman) and crew at the Lake County's fairgrounds and Infineon Raceway in Sonoma Wednesday. What are the Mythbusters busting? According to the show's producer, they are filming an episode, to air next season, on busting the myth that electric cars are slow. The episode will include races between electric and gas; ATVs, go-carts and cars. Here is MythBusters Associate Producer Eric Haven talking about the episode:

Mythbuster Jamie Hyneman helps develop electric Model One ATV

While four wheel all-terrain-vehicles are a great way to get around on farms and through undeveloped areas, they aren't exactly gentle on the environment. Along with potentially tearing up the ground, they tend to be loud and pollute a lot. Disregarding the first problem for the moment, Barefoot Motors has created the Model One ATV to at least the tackle the noise and emissions issues. Mythbuster Jamie Hyneman (he of the 'stache and beret) is on the advisory board working on prototype builds and

Mythbusters: drafting 10 feet behind a big rig will improve mileage 39 percent

Warning: Don't try this! The safest distance to drive behind a big rig at 55 miles per hour is 150 feet. Driving any closer is insane because it puts you in the driver's blind spot and also does not give you enough time to respond if the big rig's driver changes speed. This post is for informational purposes only.

Would a superhero drive a Prius? We're not sure, but the Mythbusters do!

We have written about the Mythbusters many times before, so it just seems right to let you all know that in their latest episode, where they tackled superhero myths, they could be seen showing up to their super-secret lair in a Prius. Maybe that was in an effort to offset the horrible emissions emanating from their Mythmobile, which appears to have been based on an '80s Camaro. We're sure that they are hard at work coming up with a cleaner, greener new Mythmobile, since their last one had troubl

Mythbusters' mistakes in AC vs windows down episode

Recently, I wrote an article on the debate; do you get better mileage with AC on and windows up or AC off and windows down? A comment in the article said a Mythbusters episode found you could get better mileage with AC off and windows down. The way Mythbusters tackled the myth in that episode was just horrible. The myth was revisited in another episode, which I ordered and will review soon. So, what did they do?

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