Remember the old saw about German cars being "over-built?" Well, if this doesn't lend it some credence, nothing will.

MythBusters decided to try its hand at debunking the decade-old "Lumber Car" photo. You know you've seen it at least a dozen times by now – the Volkswagen Jetta with the giant stack of plywood and two-by-fours on the roof? So the guys found a Jetta III, bought some 3,000 pounds of building supplies, and... Well, we can't tell you exactly what happens, as that would spoil the ending, but you can clearly see that they at least managed to get the car loaded.

Maybe VW ought to try something like this with its "Great For The Price of Good" Jetta to convince the faithful it is still building them in the German tradition?

Watch the whole four-and-a-half minute "MiniMyth" after the jump.

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